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Emergency Alert Systems is a brand of Inventis Technology's 'Wireless Warning Solutions' division. Based in Sydney and established in 1985, we've created inspired solutions experienced by millions of people. From electronics that make products more fully featured, to control interfaces that make products easier to use, to finished products that add value and enhance safety.

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Overview of our business

Wireless Emergency Alert Solutions

EAS specialises in wireless emergency warning solutions for premises applications. From emergency siren systems that are easier to install, easier to hear, faster to activate and easier on the pocket, to wireless beacon solutions that not only make hazards more obvious, but dramatically improve safety outcomes while significantly reducing costs and complexity.

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Wireless Premises Emergency Siren Solutions
Wireless Premises Alert Beacon Solutions
Other wireless warning beacon solutions

WiLERT Beacons for factories & warehouses

Need a low cost warning solution for raising awareness of hazards such as vehicles entering a warehouse, or a mobile crane operating in a laoding dock? Then our WiLERT Beacons might be exactly what you're after.  Using our proven wireless repeater technology, WiLERT is a battery powered, wireless beacon solution that's easy to deploy, scalable, effective and low cost.

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WiLERT 'Wireless Alert' Beacon System

Emergency Alert Systems: innovative, wirelessly-controlled Alert Siren & Beacon Solutions

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