Wireless Warning Lights

IRAD Wireless 'In-Road Alert' Beacons 

Wireless In-Road Warning Beacon

The SafeZone IRAD (In-Road Alert Device) is designed for applications where a directional in-pavement beacon is required to deliver highly obvious visual warnings to drivers or pedestrians as they approach from a particular direction, that there is a hazard ahead.

Like the WiLERT beacons, IRADs are wirelessly controlled and battery powered, so they're easier and cheaper to install than hard-wired systems. However, they are specifically designed to be installed in-road. Durable enough to drive over, IRADs are suitable for installation in public roadways, driveways, runways, etc. They're ultra-bright, making them far easier to see than any other in-road flashing warning beacon; and they're long lasting, with the ability to perform for years before the batteries need replacing.

AAWS Wireless 'Active Advance Warning Sign' Beacons 

Wireless Advance Warning Signs 

When 'passive' (unlit) signs need to be made more obvious, the addition of flashing beacons to make them 'active' signs is an obvious option. Flashing signs in advance of a hazard can provde very effective, simply by delivering the improved response times drivers need to slow down.

The SafeZone 'AAWS' (Active Advance Warning Sign) beacons can be supplied for retrofitting to existing signs, or supplied as part of a kitted sign-plus-beacon assembly, ready to install. They're part of an integrated system that includes activation devices (such as vehicle detection radar or inductive loops) and repeaters.

PANDA Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Warning Beacons

Pedestrian Crossing Warning Beacons

Designed specifically for pedestrian crossings, the 'PANDA'  (Pedestrian And Driver Alert) System, is a simple way of improving pedestrian safety outcomes at a lower cost than hard-wired, externally powered devices such as traffic lights.

PANDA lights come in pairs, and can be activated via handheld remote controls (eg for school crossings during school hours) or automated pedestrian detection devices (eg pressure mats, IR detectors, etc). Because it's a wireless solution and solar powered, PANDA lights can be rapidly deployed.  


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