WiLAS - Models

WiLAS now comes in two basic models: a standardised off-the-shelf 3 siren systems, and a customisable 4 siren system.

'School System'

Just need the standard EVACUATION, LOCK DOWN and ALL CLEAR sirens?

Then go with our WiLAS 'School System'.

It's perfect for a range of generic applications, such as:

  • Schools, University Campus, TAFE College and other institutions 

When you choose this off-the-shelf system, you can add additional standard siren stations, optional warning beacons, office or remote location wall mount control panels, etc, where you need them on your site, as you need them.

Click the remote control to see our
interactive demonstration >>

'Commercial and Custom System'

Need additional custom siren tones - or all custom tones?

Then go with our WiLAS 'Commercial & Custom System' solution.

This system is supplied with a 5-button remote (or optional 5 button wall-mount panel). Examples of custom tones include:

  • Supplementary blast warning alerts for mine sites
  • Chemical spill alerts for refineries
  • Supplementary fire alerts (eg triggered by the fire alarm system)
  • Cyclone warnings for work sites in tropical regions
  • Commercial or Industrial EVACUATION alert systems

Adding extra siren stations etc is the same process as with the School System solution, except that your additional devices may need to be made to order (MOQs and engineering charges may apply).


Image to the right shows an example of a customised remote control created for a specific customer application.


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