WiLAS - 'Wireless Alert Siren' System Overview

WiLAS is a wirelessly networked, wirelessly activated, emergency alert siren system.

Because it doesn't require any interconnecting (backbone) cabling or a central control panel, it's quicker and far less costly to install than traditional hard-wired emergency warning siren or PA (public address) systems.

WiLAS is supplied as standard with three alert siren types:


The system is activated via a handheld remote control (carried by authorised personnel) and/or via an (optional) wall-mounted control panel (which can be situated in secure locations, such as admin offices or guard houses).

In an emergency, simply press the button that corresponds to the alert type needed.

To confirm that the siren network has received your activation signal, a status LED flashes green on your remote control. Any siren within 100-200 metres is immediately activated. These in turn trigger every other siren in your site's security-coded (encrypted) network.

Whether it's one building or 100, one small site or premises covering tens of hectares, WiLAS's wireless repeaters let you create a siren safety system that can be activated from anywhere, any time.

This greatly speeds response times AS WELL AS removes an inherent point of failure - the central control panel found in almost all security systems - which my be difficult or impossible to access in an emergency, or which adds time to time-critical responses.

Discover more about what makes WiLAS unique, and about applications that are ideal for this unique Australian product.


  • speedier installation than traditional hard-wired systems
  • modular approach allows customisation to suit site-specific needs
  • expandable: add sirens, warning beacons, fixed control panels or wireless remotes at any time

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