WiLAS - Features & Applications

A unique Australian developed safety solution

What sets WiLAS apart is that:

  • it is a wireless solution, so, just like a wireless computer network, you can more easily place 'networked devices' (in this case, sirens and activation controls, etc) where they're needed, WITHOUT the hassle of installing cables
  • because the sirens offer optional solar power units, even where you don't have power, as long as you have sunlight, you can install a system
  • the system uses emergency services grade, high output sirens (ie as used on emergency services vehicles); it does not use PA (public address) type sirens designed to broadcast a voice but less well able to push out a loud, easily heard siren tone(the key requirement of a warning siren)
  • it features distinct, easily heard siren tones PLUS voice-overs that enunciate what the alert tone means (eg "EVACUATE, go to your evacuation area"); this makes the alerts easy to understand, even on sites with personnel not familiar with the system
  • there is NO centralised master control panel that you have to get to in an emergency
  • there is NO single point that can cause a system failure
  • there is FULL battery backup (and even a solar power option) for all Siren Stations
  • there are OPTIONAL VISUAL (flashing light) ALERTS available where there are hearing impaired personnel or high ambient noise levels

A unique solution for a wide range of applications

The above listed features make WiLAS an ideal emergency warning solution for applications such as:

  • educational institutions (schools, TAFEs, universities, private colleges) 
  • factories, warehouses and distribution centres
  • single or multi-building commercial office or industrial sites
  • above ground mines, and oil & gas facilities
  • recreational areas and camp sites
  • split campus site (eg, campuses separated by a road) 
  • sites without permanent 240AC power available (eg construction sites)


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