WiLAS - Interactive Demonstration

The following interactive demonstration shows how simple a WiLAS System is to activate.

Our standard WiLAS System (as shown in the demo below) is equipped with THREE siren tones (with voice-overs). The tones are:


This system is designated WiLAS 'School System' which:

  • includes three alert siren tones (as above)
  • is activated via a 4-button wireless remote control
    (where the 4th button is CANCEL, which turns off all sirens); and
  • lets you add an optional 4-button Wireless wall-mount Control Panel
    (for secure locations such as admin offices, guard houses, etc)

    To view this interactive demonstration your internet browser must support Adobe Shockwave/Flash (ie .swf files).

      (NOTE: if you have Flash installed and still can't see the interactive demonstration above,  try viewing this page using another browser, such as Windows Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If you still have trouble viewing this file, click on this link to go to the page containing the individual Siren Voice-Over sound files)

      Then, to hear all the WiLAS System alert tones and voice-overs:

      • have sound on your computer turned on
      • hover your cursor over the buttons on the remote control to  make the name of the alert types appear
      • press the buttons to play the desired tones

      To stop the demonstration, simply press the CANCEL button - just as you would in an installed system.

      Need ADDITIONAL or completely DIFFERENT tones?

      Then you need the WiLAS 'Commercial and Custom' System which:

      • delivers up to 4 tones:
        - choose from either a mix of STANDARD and CUSTOM tones
          (ie tones developed especially for your workplace needs), or
        - all CUSTOM tones; and
      • is activated via a 5-button wireless remote control
        (where the 5th button is CANCEL); and
      • lets you add an optional 5-button Wireless wall-mount Control Panel
        (for secure locations such as admin offices, guard houses, etc)


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