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Warning Sirens & Beacons 

Because WiLAS is a modular solution, it can be created in much the same way as a wireless Ethernet nework is created. Simply determine how many 'nodes' (ie warning siren locations) are required to provide best site coverage, then add activation (portable and/or fixed) devices and supplementary visual warning beacons (indoor and/or outdoor) as required.

For detailed design and installation information, visit the RESOURCES section (click here or use the link in the righthand menu) to review the WiLAS User Guide .

Wireless Siren Station - outdoor warning siren system

A Siren Station is comprised of:

  • 1x wall-mountable enclosure containing the wireless repeater, siren driver unit, transformer and rechargeable battery
  • 2x wall-mountable J-Bars, each to support 1x siren horn
  • 2x siren horns, including 30 metres of speaker cable that connects to the main control enclosure (as above)
  • 1x antenna including 10 metres of coax antenna cable to connect to the main control enclosure (as above)
Wireless Beacon Station - indoor or outdoor warning beacon system

These are an optional warning element, designed for environments where ambient noice is a problem, or where hearing impaired people are on a site, your WiLAS system can be supplemented with a wirelessly controlled light module that can be wall or ceiling mounted. Activated by any Siren Station or any Remote Control within range, the module is fitted with three bright flashing beacons; one to advise of a Lockdown alert (AMBER), one for an Evacuation alert (RED), and one for an All Clear notification (GREEN).

Light colours are as per Australian Standard AS2220 requirements for Emergency Alerts.

The flashing light warning units are intended to be used to enhance (ie, in addition to, but NOT in place of) Siren Stations. They are designed  for indoor or covered outdoor applications (eg covered walkways, covered entries, etc) as they are not IP rated (ie weatherproofed).

Wireless Remote Control - portable activation system

Remotes feature an 'In-Range' LED indicator that confirms that a user is within radio range of the WiLAS network. This LED flashes red if the remote control is used to set off an alarm, but no Siren Station responds to confirm that a signal is received. This indicates the user is out of range and will need to move to a position with good reception. Remotes have colour coded buittons and are small enough to be carried in your pocket. They do not contain any overt cues that identify them as WiLAS remote controls, in the event they are stolen.

Additional remote controls can be ordered as required. 

Wireless Activation Point Panel - fixed activation system

For locations where a fixed (wall or pole mounted) control panel is desired but no sirens are needed in addition to those installed, this low cost, battery powered activation point is effectively a wireless remote control in a weatherproof housing that can be fixed anywhere authorised personnel can access it.

Ideal for site sheds, outbuildings, or portable accommodation, it adds design flexibility to the WiLAS System.

Wireless Control Panel - fixed activation system

For locations where a fixed (wall or pole mounted) control panel is desired as an optional means of activating a WiLAS System, eg in the Admin Office of a school, or adjacent to site office in a mine site, the Control Panel is a wireless control system that includes a pair of siren horns.

They are supplied with sirens, siren mounting brackets, cables, etc, as per a standard Siren Station.

These should only be purchased for sites where authorised personnel ONLY have access to the control panel (eg secure site offices, factories or mine sites where only authorised personnel have access).

Solar Charging System

For locations where 240VAC power is not readily available (such as out-buildings or playing fields), the solar power option is available to charge the Siren Station's batteries. Your installation contractor or site handyperson can easily mount the solar panel and connect to the Siren Station. A weatherproof power cable is fed from the panel to the Siren Station as per installation of a standard mains (240VAC) powered unit.

Custom Voice-Overs

Just need standard EVAC, LOCK DOWN and ALL CLEAR siren alerts?

For applications where you need site-specific warnings, we can provide customised siren tones in addition to, or in place of, the standard EVAC and LOCK DOWN alerts.

Custom tones might include:

  • Chemical spill alerts
  • Blasting alerts (eg for mine sites)
  • 'Bell' tones (if you'd like your WiLAS System to also act as a period change or shift change/end alert)
Wall Plaques - site procedure notices for schools

Every WiLAS System supplied to schools (primary or secondary) is shipped with a Pack of 10 wall plaques

These laminated, durable, A4 wall plaques are designed to familiarise personnel with the meaning of siren tones and the procedures to be followed.

They provide space to list your site's Safety Officer (using marker pen), as well as Safe Zones and Emergency Evacuation Points to be used.

Extras can be purchased as required. 


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