Vehicle Sirens & Lights 

If you're looking for emergency warning sirens and lights for vehicles, you may find what you need from our Impart SP range. Since 1987, Impart has been delviering siren, light, audio, security and safety solutions for emergency and field services vehicles.

From siren systems for ambulances and fire engines, to in-vehicle emergency and duress warning systems for prisoner transport or patient transport vehicles, our extensive electronics design and audio technology experience might be what you need to help create the application-specific warning system you need.

Areas where we have considerable skills include:

  • Audio (siren or siren-plus-voice) warning systems 
  • Visual (flashing beacon) warning systems
  • Safety interlocks and monitoring solutions for vehicles and aplliances 

Discover more. Visit the Impart SP website (clicking this link will take you off this website).


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Emergency Alert Systems: innovative, wirelessly-controlled Alert Siren & Beacon Solutions