'PANDA' -  Pedestrian Crossing Beacons 

Wireless Warning Beacons for Pedestrian Crossings

The 'PANDA' (Pedestrian And Driver Alert) Crossing System is modular, wirelessly controlled warning beacon system designed expressly for the treatment of Pedestrian Crossings.

When you upgrade a 'passive' (ie unlit) crossing to a PANDA Crossing, you:

  • deliver more easily seen visual alerts to drivers that there is a crossing ahead
  • deliver those warnings in advance of the crossing so as to delvier the improve response times to improve safety outcomes
  • can upgrade existing passive signs, or create a new installation
  • cost dramatically lower costs compared to alternate 'active' treatments

To make a crossing a PANDA Crossing, simply:

  • install the modular PANDA beacon units behind existing (or new) road-side, pole-mounted, static signs
  • add the required activation system (eg pedestrian detection 'pressure pads', wireless remote controls, timers, etc)
  • add (optional) in-road flashing lights (IRADs - In-Road Alert Devices) if additional warnings are required

PANDA pole-mounted beacons can be fitted to signs at or before crossings, or both, facing on-coming traffic, so are generally supplied as 'mated' pairs. Their wireless communication system then allows both signs to be simultaneously actvated using the selected activation system.

Best of all, not only is the PANDA System a cheaper solution to improving pedestrian crossing safety, it's faster to deploy, with simple road-side only beacon treatments being able to be fitted in as little as a few hours, and with systems including IRADs (in-road beacons) generally able to be fitted in one to three days, depending on site requirements.


  • Wirelessly activated, battery/solar powered pole mounted flashing light units can be positioned on the approaches to crossings, where they're more easily seen
  • No external power cable makes them far cheaper to install, including locations where there is no access to mains power
  • Can be added to existing passive (ie unlit) crossing signage to make the signs more obvious

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