AAWS - 'Active Advance Warning Sign' Beacons 

Wireless Warning Signs for road-side applications

AAWSs are modular 'beacon-plus-wireless repeater' modules can be retrofitted to existing signs, mounted on buildings or fixed structures, or custom designed for application-specific requirements.

They are primarily intended for installation in conjunction with pole-mounted signs, thereby allowing 'passive'  (unlit) signs to be upgraded to 'active' ones. This delivers improved awareness on the to the hazard that teh signs warn of, well in advance of the hazard (eg a railway crossing).

The solar-powered flashing beacons are controlled by an intelligent repeater/router that is activated by a primary control device (eg a train detection system or an indusctive loop). Once activated, the repeater can then activate, or act as a redundant pathway for, other beacons. It can also control an array of in-ground IRADs (see below).  The repeaters also contain system logic that can be used to implement application-specific 'fail to dafe' modes.

When applied to a sign to create an AAWS (Active Advance Warning Sign), they are intended to replace those signs. Rather, they simply make these signs more visible as drivers approach them. They also add 'smarts' to otherwise 'passive' signs, enabling value-add functions as well as enhanced safety outcomes.

AAWSs can be triggered by a WiLAS System (eg if the WiLAS System is activated, signs at a factroy entrance can flash a hazard alert, eg 'DANGER, DO NOT ENTER IF LIGHTS FLASHING').

AAWSs can be permanent fixtures, or can be applied to movable structures.

For applications involving pedestrian crossings, refer to the PANDA Crossing System section.


  • Wirelessly activated, battery/solar powered sign or building mounted flashing light units can be positioned wherever the're needed, such that they are more easily seen
  • No external power cable makes them far cheaper to install, including locations where there is no access to mains power
  • Expandable: add AAWSs and other warning elements to an installed system at any time
  • Can be added to existing passive (ie unlit) signage to make the signs more obvious

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