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WiLERT 'Wireless Alert' beacons for above ground applications

The WiLERT 'Wireless Alert' Beacon System was developed to address the needs of organisations looking for an above ground flashing beacon that was wireless and battery pwoered, and therefore easily and quickly installed. With WiLERT, from 1 to 100 or more beacons - or more - can be deployed quickly, then activatde wirelessly, even by handheld remote control.

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WiLAS 'System 4' for custom siren applications

The new WiLAS 'System 4' is our new customisable WiLAS platform that allows you to select a mix of existing tones (eg EVAC and LOCK DOWN) and add CUSTOM tones specific to your needs. From site specific alerts such as chemical spill warnings, to cyclone or tsunami alerts, customised tones are a simple way of improving safety on your site.

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WiLAS 'Wireless Activation Panel' for outdoor locations

The WiLAS 'Wireless Activation Panel' is a battery powered remote activation point for fixed locations. Ideal for use in factories, or anywhere that a supplementary activation point is required. These devices are not mains powered and do not come with a siren set. they are intended to supplement handheld remote controls in applications where they can be installed such that only authorised personnel can access them.

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WiLAS 'Control Panel' for fixed activation points

The WiLAS 'Fixed Control Panel' is designed for secure admin offices, factory floors, warehouses, mine sites or other locations where only authorised personnel can access it. It supplements the wireless remote controls used to activate a WiLAS System and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

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WiLAS 'Beacon Module' for indoor visual alerts

The WiLAS' Flashing Beacon Module' is for use in conjunction with WiLAS premises alert siren systems. It's ideal for locations with high ambient noise or hearing impaired personnel, where sirens may not be heard. The bright flashing colour-coded beacons deliver supplementary alerts. Currently available for indoor use only. Units are 240VAC (mains) powered and wirelessly networked.

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