Premises Occupant Safety

Premises Siren Alerts

When you need to alert premises occupants to an emergency that requires a specific response, and when delays can result in injury or death, we offer the only wirelessly networked, wirelessy activated, multi-tone siren warning system:

WiLAS delivers loud, easily distinguished alerts using emergency services grade sirens.

Premises Visual Alerts

When you need to make hazards more obvious to drivers or pedestrians, or need to supplement a siren warning system with flashing beacons, then we offer a range of wirelessly networked, wirelessly controlled flashing warning beacon systems:

  • WiLERT - for above ground applications
  • IRADs - for in-pavement applications
  • AAWS - turn unlit, 'passive' signs into 'active', lit ones
  • PANDA - make pedestrian crossings safer, with the cost of traffic lights


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Emergency Alert Systems: innovative, wirelessly-controlled Alert Siren & Beacon Solutions